Led trunking system

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Product Introduction

LED Linear Trunking System

  • Features                  

               Fast installation 43 seconds                                             Owned Lens Design / no gap,PMMA


Power Turnable                                                          

- Tridonic:  60W/55W/50W/45W/42W  - Osram:  60W/50W/42W/32W  - AGT:  60W/64W/68W/72W

Can be linkable

  • Application

Conference rooms, Exhibition & showrooms, Entrance & reception areas,Factories and warehouses

  • Trunking

1.Dimension (mm)

2.Wring system

3.Trunking Datasheet

  • Led Module 

1.Led Module Datasheet 

2.Beam Angle 

  • Installation 

1) Drill holes in the ceiling, install the hooks and place the hanging cord on the hooks
2) Connect the trunking rail to the mounting clamps
3) Add the next rail and secure it using the quick-snap lever
4) Install the Feed-out-element and secure it in the same way
5) Install the Feed-in-element and secure it in the same way
6) Connect the LED Module with the rails
7) Connect the wires in the Feed-in-element

  • Package 

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