Advantages of LED linear lights in practical applications

Advantages of LED linear lights in practical applications缩略图

The biggest highlight of LED linear light is to form visual extensibility, with lines outlining the layering of space, it may be placed on the roof, walls, cabinets and other corners, as if it is very inconspicuous, but the soft and warm light emitted is in control of the atmosphere of the space, bringing us the feeling of being wrapped in love.

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For example, in the aisle along the contours of the wall alignment linear lights, highlighting the beauty of geometric lines, guiding the line of sight along the light and go. Being there, it's as if you're traveling through the flowing lights.

LED linear light is a small hand to create the atmosphere, providing a romantic and cozy ambient light for the space.
For example, the layout of linear lights in the ceiling, so that the light is free to roam, to provide high lighting for the space, to break the depressing sense of dim ceiling, elevating the space, creating a bright and comfortable atmosphere.

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For example, in the wall or a variety of cabinet installation of linear lights, uniform and detailed lighting so that the entire space is no longer monotonous, to meet the demand for medium lighting or low lighting, creating a romantic and cozy atmosphere.

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LED linear lights can fit the decorative style of the space, personalized custom modeling.
For example, modern minimalist decorating style can let the linear light spread from the wall to the ceiling, fully white at the same time, increase the sense of advanced space; can also use linear lights to decorate the ceiling, as far as the eye is irresistible gentle light.

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