Do LED linear lights need a driver or power supply?

Do LED linear lights need a driver or power supply?缩略图
LED Linear Light

Yes, LED linear lights require a driver or power supply to provide the proper voltage and current for their operation. The role of the driver or power supply is to convert the alternating current (AC) from the grid into the direct current (DC) required by the LED linear light.

LED linear lights typically run off a low voltage DC power source, such as 12V or 24V. However, the grid provides alternating current, usually at 110V or 220V. Therefore, AC power from the grid needs to be converted to DC power suitable for LED linear lights, which can be done by a driver or power supply.

The driver or power supply can be integrated into the LED linear light itself, forming an integrated design, or it can be a separate external device. When installing LED linear lights, it is important to ensure that the selected light and driver or power supply are compatible and meet the necessary electrical requirements.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the LED linear light, it is necessary to select the appropriate driver or power supply according to the specific light fixture specifications and the manufacturer's instructions, and perform correct wiring. If unsure which driver or power supply to choose, it is recommended to consult recolux for precise guidance.

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