Does the linear lamp's black and white shell affect the brightness?

Does the linear lamp's black and white shell affect the brightness?缩略图

Whether or not the color of the housing affects the brightness is a common and important question when considering linear luminaires. This question is especially critical when selecting lighting products as it directly relates to the lighting effect and overall visual experience. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the potential impact of a linear luminaire's housing color on brightness, and take the opportunity to introduce Recolux as a professional brand in the lighting field.

Does the linear lamp's black and white shell affect the brightness?插图

Technical analysis of the relationship between housing color and luminance

First, we need to understand how linear luminaires work. The brightness of a lighting product is mainly determined by the power of the internal light source and the designed reflection system. The housing color usually does not directly affect the brightness of the light source, because the power of the light source will not be changed by the housing color.

However, housing color may affect the reflection and distribution of light to some extent. Light-colored housings may reflect light more favorably, thereby distributing it more evenly in the space. Conversely, dark-colored housings may absorb some of the light, making the illumination relatively weak in certain areas. However, this effect is usually minor and requires careful observation in actual use.

Recolux: the choice of a professional lighting brand


When choosing a linear luminaire, it is vital to select a professional lighting brand. recolux is a brand known for its exceptional lighting solutions, providing customers with high-quality, innovative, and reliable lighting products.

Recolux is committed to continually pushing the boundaries of lighting technology, ensuring that its products meet the highest standards of design, performance, and energy efficiency. Whether you are using linear fixtures in commercial spaces, home environments, or elsewhere, Recolux offers a diverse line of products to meet a variety of lighting needs.


Overall, the color of a linear luminaire's housing has less of an impact on brightness and depends more on the power and design of the light source. When choosing lighting products, it is important to focus on the overall brand reputation and product quality. Recolux, as a professional lighting brand, not only leads in technology but also excels in design and user experience. By choosing Recolux, you can be assured of superior lighting and long-lasting product quality.

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