Future applications and development trends of industrial intelligent lighting

The future of industrial lighting will be based on the Internet of Things, a flexible control applications

In the "Industrial Intelligent Lighting Digital Application Trend Questionnaire Survey", talking about the views on the development trend of industrial lighting, the survey results show that 69.05% of the people said that the trend of the future development of industrial lighting is energy-saving, on-demand lighting; 66.67% of the people think that it is humanized, healthy and comfortable; 59.52% of the people think that it is possible to Adjust the lighting according to the scene to improve productivity; 57.14% think intelligent control, convenient operation; 54.76% think intelligent interconnection, compatible with other industrial production equipment platforms, collaborative control; 45.24% think it is the intermingling and integration of data with the factory to achieve big data management of industrial production; 42.86% think it is the visualization management.

Application 2: cross-field integration of sensing, communication, positioning and other technologies to create industrial lighting applications that combine personalization, human factors lighting and intelligence

At present, industrial intelligent lighting is mostly based on LED lighting combined with wireless control and dimming functions, international manufacturers are successively investing in human factors lighting, intelligent lighting system research and development, and connected to the intelligent control development platform, to create a new combination of personalized, human factors lighting, intelligent LED intelligent lighting applications industry. Industrial intelligent lighting future applications will be cross-field integration of intelligent light modules, sensing, wireless control, cloud and other technologies, significantly enhance the function of the LED lighting system, in addition to lighting for the light environment lighting, but also need to be able to combine positioning, communication technology, to create additional application value of LED lighting.

Application 3: lighting asset digital control, realize the effective linkage between lighting system and other industrial systems and big data intermingling management is the key application of factory lighting

Digitalization, intelligence, and a high degree of networking are the main features of today's industrial modernization and production, and in the era of the Internet of Everything, industrial lighting is the same. In fact, digitization requires not only the data of products, but also the data of the production process, production data, and the management of production factors. Therefore, the lighting assets for digital management and control, and ultimately realize the effective linkage between the lighting system and other industrial systems, the realization of factory data mingling and integration, the realization of factory production of big data management is the key application of factory lighting. This reaches the scope of industrial Internet development.

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