Lighting up the future, RECOLUX: a leading manufacturer of LED linear lighting systems

In today’s lighting industry, since RECOLUX was established in 2014, RECOLUX has become a professional LED linear lighting system manufacturer and designer, with excellent quality and innovation as the core, providing customized solutions for your lighting needs. With years of experience, its excellent quality control.

Excellent quality, led by innovation.

RECOLUX focuses on product quality and reliability and places it at the top. We know that only by providing excellent lighting solutions can we truly meet customer expectations. With first-class technical, marketing and management talents, we wholeheartedly serve thousands of customers, not only fulfilling customers’ pursuit of lighting, but also creating a new way of life.

Global business, customer first.

The company’s business covers all over the world, and has won the trust of customers with excellent products and high-quality services. . We not only provide a variety of well-designed LED linear lighting systems, but also provide OEM/ODM services to customize lighting solutions for you according to your needs. Whether it is a commercial project, home decoration or other fields, RECOLUX will create a unique bright world for you.

Shoulder the mission and create value together.

Adhering to the tenet of “customer trust, employee peace of mind, creating value, and giving back to the society”, RECOLUX is committed to providing customers with high-quality lighting products and creating a platform for employees to showcase their talents. . We believe that through continuous innovation and transcendence, RECOLUX will not only become your first choice for lighting needs, but also create more value and light for the society.


Under the leadership of RECOLUX, the LED linear lighting industry has ushered in a new future. With excellent quality, innovative design and global vision, RECOLUX will continue to illuminate people’s lives and become your indispensable lighting partner. Let us join hands in creating a more brilliant tomorrow.

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