Recolux Lighting Solutions Illuminate Success at ADNOC Service Hub Government Project

This case paper highlights the successful implementation of Recolux lighting solutions at the ADNOC Service Hub, a prestigious government project. With the installation of 12,000 units of the IP54 System, featuring 40W and a 60° beam angle, coupled with a comprehensive 17,400m DALI solution, Recolux has provided an efficient and advanced lighting infrastructure for this significant facility.


The ADNOC Service Hub, a government project of paramount importance, required a reliable and innovative lighting solution to meet its vast and diverse lighting needs. Recolux, a reputable lighting company, was chosen to provide their expertise and cutting-edge products to illuminate this high-profile facility.

Lighting Specifications:

To ensure optimum illumination and versatility, Recolux’s IP54 System was selected for the project. With 40W power output and a wide 60° beam angle, this lighting system delivers efficient and uniform lighting coverage across various areas of the ADNOC Service Hub. The IP54 rating guarantees protection against dust and water ingress, making it suitable for the demanding environmental conditions of the facility.

DALI Control Solution:

To enhance energy management and enable flexible control capabilities, a comprehensive 17,400m DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) solution was integrated with the Recolux lighting system. DALI enables individual control and monitoring of each luminaire, allowing for precise adjustment of light levels and scheduling of lighting scenes. This intelligent control system optimizes energy usage, reduces maintenance costs, and enhances user comfort.

Benefits and Impact:

The implementation of Recolux lighting solutions at the ADNOC Service Hub has yielded significant benefits, positively impacting the facility’s operations and the overall environment.

Enhanced Efficiency: The combination of the IP54 System’s high-performance lighting output and the DALI control solution has resulted in improved energy efficiency, reducing the facility’s energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Exceptional Illumination: The 40W power output and the wide 60° beam angle of the IP54 System provide uniform and sufficient lighting levels across the ADNOC Service Hub. This ensures enhanced visibility, promoting a safe and productive working environment.

Advanced Control Capabilities: The integration of the DALI solution enables precise control and customization of lighting settings. Facility managers can easily adjust lighting levels, create lighting scenes, and monitor energy usage, providing flexibility and adaptability to meet specific requirements.

Durability and Reliability: The IP54-rated luminaires by Recolux ensure protection against dust and water ingress, ensuring durability and longevity. This reduces maintenance needs, resulting in lower maintenance costs for the government project.


Recolux’s lighting solutions have played a pivotal role in illuminating success at the ADNOC Service Hub government project. The combination of the IP54 System’s robust performance, the advanced DALI control solution, and Recolux’s commitment to quality have resulted in efficient lighting, enhanced energy management, and an improved working environment. This successful partnership between Recolux and the ADNOC Service Hub demonstrates the company’s expertise and commitment to delivering innovative lighting solutions for high-profile government projects.

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