Revolutionize Lighting in the Netherlands’ Hockey Arena: Recolux N-Line Application Enhances Player Experience and Spectator Engagement

A hockey arena in the Netherlands is a facility for the sport of ice hockey. Facility management is looking for innovative lighting solutions to improve the overall experience for players and spectators. recolux perfectly solves this problem, especially the N-line product, which remodels the lighting system of the hockey arena and provides many benefits.

The recolux N-line app is a cutting-edge lighting solution combining cutting-edge led technology and an intelligent control system. Offers dynamic lighting options, color-changing capabilities, and custom settings for the right lighting for a specific location.

The main objectives of N-line application in ice hockey arenas are:

1. Improved visual experience: The n-line application dramatically improves lighting quality, maximizing visibility for players and spectators. Create a comfortable environment.

2. Flexible lighting control: The N-line app provides lighting suitable for various events, playoffs or training programs, making dynamic lighting changes possible. The system can be adjusted according to various lighting requirements such as brightness level, light color, lighting effect and so on.

3. Energy efficiency: recolux N-line uses energy-saving led technology, which provides higher energy savings than existing lighting systems. This will help achieve the hockey rink’s sustainability goals and reduce operating expenses.

4. Competence and Safety: Proper lighting for N-line applications to make the lighting conditions of the arena consistent and minimize glare or shadows. This helps players perform at their best and reduces the risk of accidents or injuries due to insufficient lighting.

I am convinced that the application of recolux N-line products in ice hockey can improve the overall experience of players and spectators. The state-of-the-art lighting solutions offered by recolux are fully aligned with the equipment goal of providing a safe and sustainable environment.