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Professional LED Light Manufacturing Factory for Factories, Supermarkets, Gymnasiums, and More

Recolux is a specialized LED light manufacturing facility that provides high quality lighting solutions for a variety of environments including industrial facilities, commercial spaces and sports venues. Our LED lamps are suitable for diverse environments such as factories, supermarkets, and gymnasiums, providing professional and efficient lighting for your space.

Factory lighting solutions

In industrial environments, proper lighting is a key factor in ensuring productivity and employee safety. Recolux's LED luminaires use advanced technology to provide uniform and bright lighting, ensuring that every detail on the production line is adequately illuminated.

Innovative supermarket lighting

For supermarkets, effective lighting for product display and overall ambience is crucial. Our LED lighting products not only highlight the colors and details of merchandise, but also create a comfortable shopping environment and enhance the overall customer experience.

Professional stadium lighting

Sports venues require powerful lighting to ensure the smooth running of games and events. Recolux's LED lamps feature high brightness and adjustable dimming functions to meet the different lighting needs of different sports environments.

Our LED fixtures not only excel in performance, but also in durability and energy efficiency. By adopting the latest lighting technology, we are committed to providing customers with efficient and environmentally friendly lighting solutions.

When you choose Recolux, you get reliable LED lighting products to meet the diverse lighting needs of a variety of professional settings. Contact us to learn more about our professional LED light manufacturing facility to ensure your space shines with its best light.