What are the requirements for the installation height of general lighting fixtures in the factory building?

The height at which general lighting fixtures are installed in a factory depends on a variety of factors, including the type of lighting fixture, the layout of the space, the tasks being performed, and the level of lighting required. Can help determine the correct installation height for factory lighting fixtures:

  1. Ceiling height:
    The height of the ceiling is an important factor in determining the installation height. Generally speaking, the higher the ceiling, the higher the installation height of the lamps and lanterns.
  2. Lamp type:
    Different types of lights have different distribution patterns. For example, high-bay luminaires are typically installed higher up in buildings with high ceilings, while low-bay luminaires are installed in buildings with lower ceilings.
  3. Lighting intensity requirements:
    Consider the suggested lighting levels for the tasks performed in the space. Luminaires should be mounted at a height that provides adequate illumination while minimizing glare and shadows.
  4. Uniformity of illumination:
    The goal is to achieve uniform lighting throughout the space. Proper spacing and mounting height can help with this.
  5. Task analysis:
    Identify the area in which to perform the task and place fixtures accordingly. Task lighting may require fixtures to be placed low to ensure adequate light on the work surface.
  6. Obstacles and machinery:
    Consider any obstructions that might block the distribution of light, such as machinery, equipment, and storage racks.
  7. Bloom:
    Avoid mounting fixtures too high, as this may result in excessive light spillage and wastage.
  8. Fixture angle and inclination:
    Some fixtures allow for angle adjustments, which can help direct light to the desired area more effectively.
  9. Safety precautions:
    Ensure fixtures are installed at a height that does not pose a safety hazard to workers or equipment.
  10. Lighting design consultation:
    Please consult recolux lighting for advice depending on the specific requirements of your plant building.

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