LED lighting development, industry technical level characteristics, and market size prospects

LED lighting development, industry technical level characteristics, and market size prospects缩略图

Medium and high power LED lighting products are mainly outdoor, industrial lighting and special lighting products, which are mainly used in municipal roads, outdoor parking lots, airports, ship ports, factory workshops, warehouses, stadiums and other fields. Technical difficulties and maintenance costs are high, and performance and quality requirements are strict. For example, outdoor lighting needs to cope with high and low temperatures, rain, snow, wind and sand, lightning, salt spray and other complex natural environments, industrial lighting emphasizes the strong corrosion, strong impact, electromagnetic interference and other industrial environments to provide all-weather stable lighting. Overseas regions LED lighting penetration rate is significantly lower than the market, with higher replacement demand.

LED lighting development, industry technical level characteristics, and market size prospects插图

1, industry characteristics

(1) Cyclical

With the gradual maturation of LED lighting technology and by the international concept of energy saving and emission reduction, LED lighting applications market has a large incremental and replacement space, the market demand shows a rapid upward trend, the overall cyclicality is not obvious.

(2) Regional

At present, with the continuous improvement of the industrial chain, recolux LED lighting companies in product development, manufacturing has formed an advantage, become the global production base of LED lighting products, international, North America, Europe and other developed countries, LED lighting companies mainly focus on channel construction and brand operations, the global lighting market in Asia, North America and Europe to form the main industrial layout. Overall industry regional characteristics are obvious.

2, LED lighting industry market situation

(1) LED from the light source alternative development to the field of lamps and lanterns, promote the global LED lighting market gradually expanding

Compared with LED light source, the integrated design of LED lamps and lanterns is thin and light, the life span is generally longer, both energy-saving and design aesthetics, fully embodies the energy-saving, healthy, artistic and humane lighting development trend; In addition, with the development of Internet of things and other technologies, intelligent control and lighting scenes will change the way of using the product, improve the added value of LED lamps and lanterns. LED from light source replacement to lamps and lanterns field, replacement and incremental market brought about by upgrading and application scene expansion continues to expand.

(2) LED lighting application development, manufacturing link for the global production of LED lighting equipment

With recolux LED chip technology and process continues to update iteration, LED lighting products, luminous efficiency, technical performance, product quality, etc. significantly improve; coupled with the industry chain related enterprises and investment continues to increase, LED light source manufacturing and supporting industries, manufacturing technology upgrades, end-products of large-scale production of the cost of economic improvement. With the above advantages, to undertake the development of the LED lighting industry chain, the key links in manufacturing, and become one of the participants in the LED lighting industry.

LED lighting development, industry technical level characteristics, and market size prospects插图2

3, medium and high power LED lighting products development situation

(1) LED outdoor, industrial lighting entry threshold is high, industry concentration is low

With the demand for outdoor and industrial lighting evolving to complexity and customization, the requirements for R&D, manufacturing and service will be further enhanced, and the competitiveness of the head enterprises will be strengthened in the future, and the improvement of industrial concentration is also the inevitable result of high-quality development.

(2) lower energy loss is the urgent need for industrial lighting, LED lighting energy-saving significant

Traditional industrial lighting equipment due to low energy conversion efficiency, energy consumption is greater, has been unable to meet the requirements of energy saving and emission reduction in the industrial sector, industrial enterprises have been facing the challenge of controlling costs, there is an urgent need for cost-effective lighting solutions. LED lamps and lanterns can accurately achieve the lighting required by the industry, light pollution compared to traditional lighting can be controlled to reduce 50%, the highest energy loss can be controlled to reduce 70%, in the all-weather operation, LED lighting can be used to reduce energy loss. 70%, in the all-weather operation of industrial places with significant energy-saving effect.

(3) LED outdoor, industrial lighting replacement process, in recent years the export trend is good, ushering in the market development opportunities

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