Recent Development of LED Industrial Lighting

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First, industrial LED lighting industry overview
Industrial lighting products and services to meet customers in explosive, strong impact, strong vibration, strong corrosion, high and low temperature, high pressure, electromagnetic interference, wide voltage input, lightning surge and other special environments for special light distribution, signaling, emergency, and other lighting requirements, are widely used in coal mines, oilfields, petrochemicals, chemical industry, metallurgy, factory power, network power, cement, railroads, ships, ports, public security and fire safety, automotive manufacturing, etc. Fields. China's industrial lighting industry has gone through the initial development stage.
China's industrial lighting industry has gone through the start-up stage and is now in the growth stage. As LED lights have energy-saving effects, long service life, and other outstanding performance, with the gradual reduction of the production cost of LED lighting equipment, LED has begun to gradually replace the traditional light source.

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Second, the driving factors of industrial LED lighting industry
In recent years, with the continuous improvement of energy-saving environmental protection, and safe production requirements, enterprises are increasingly emphasizing energy-saving environmental protection and safe production. Industrial LED lighting products and services such as energy saving environmental protection and safe production of one of the important protection links, with the strong support of industrial policy.

Third, industrial LED lighting industry development status
LED lamps and lanterns are widely used in industrial lighting, outdoor lighting and other scenes that are not easy to replace the light source, so LED lamps and lanterns have gradually become the main force of penetration and occupy a large market share. Since 2016, the global penetration rate of LED lighting products has increased year by year, and the global LED lighting penetration rate has rapidly increased to 59.0%.

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In recent years, the steady development of the world economy has added new vitality to the development of the global industrial industry, and a large number of industrial enterprises need to carry out continuous operations and cope with special industrial environments when carrying out production, so the requirements of industrial enterprises for lighting have gradually increased. Industrial LED lighting is an integral part of LED lighting applications, with the rapid development of LED lighting technology, the production of industrial LED lighting equipment is rising year by year. The global production of industrial LED lighting products is about 4.2 billion (sets), an increase of 18.31% year-on-year.

With the global industrial LED lighting equipment production continuing to climb, the global industrial LED lighting industry market size also continues to grow. The global industrial LED lighting industry market size reached 12.5 billion U.S. dollars, a year-on-year increase of 15.74%.

In the industrial field of lighting equipment light efficiency and life and safety, dust, heat dissipation, high-temperature resistance and other aspects have special requirements, LED lighting equipment compared with ordinary lighting equipment, performance will be more in line with the requirements.

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Four, industrial LED lighting industry development trend
1, intelligent lighting will become the future development direction of industrial lighting
Industrial lighting industry downstream customers are gradually relying on lighting equipment for their new empowerment, including real-time image acquisition and transmission, environmental temperature and humidity monitoring, personnel perception and light control, equipment failure monitoring. In the future, lighting equipment will also carry more and more functions, such as flammable and explosive gas concentration monitoring, surveillance cameras (video analysis technology) and intelligent lighting linkage control, personnel accurate positioning identification linkage control, intelligent lighting will be rich in functionality.

2, industrial LED lighting into the mainstream
With the continuous development of the economy, industrial lighting energy consumption continues to rise, bringing huge energy consumption and environmental pollution; therefore, looking for energy-efficient new lighting methods to replace traditional lighting has become an important issue in the industrial lighting industry that needs to be resolved. Compared with traditional light sources such as metal halide lamps, the most prominent advantage of LED lighting equipment is that it can significantly save electricity, in line with the policy requirements of energy saving and emission reduction. In the future, with the continuous development of LED technology, LED downstream applications in industrial lighting penetration will gradually increase, driving the steady development of industrial lighting industry.

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