recolux tells you how to make factory lighting design efficient.

recolux tells you how to make factory lighting design efficient.缩略图

As the factory itself, effectively do a good job of lighting design, to create a bright and refreshing operating environment, not only to improve the efficiency of workers, but also to reduce the probability of workplace accidents to a greater extent. So, how do we need to design factory lighting?

recolux tells you how to make factory lighting design efficient.插图

First of all, let's talk about the factory lighting design needs to achieve the effect.

1, to ensure that the workspace is sufficient illumination for workers to create a bright, refreshing workspace.

2, to ensure that the production workshop five lighting dead ends, to ensure that workers work more safely and efficiently.

3, to prevent the generation of dazzling light, reduce the fatigue of workers when working.

So, how to realize these requirements? Below, we mainly from the lighting and lamp selection of the two major aspects of in-depth analysis.

Factory lighting design
First, the lighting

Mainly divided into general lighting, local lighting (operational lighting), mixed lighting.

Due to the factory's operating environment has a simple and complex, large and small space, machinery and equipment also has the size of the high and low points, therefore, relying solely on general lighting, sometimes it is difficult to avoid shadows and dead ends. Therefore, this time we need to cooperate with the above three lighting methods.

So, how to choose a specific lighting method?

1, for the space is not large, the height is not very high, and the internal equipment is relatively small factory workshop, the use of general lighting can be;

2, for the illumination requirements are higher, the working environment is responsible for, or machinery and equipment tall shade of the factory floor, we recommend the use of mixed lighting form to do the design;

3, for a work area in the workshop, the illumination requirements are higher than a wide range of general lighting, can be used in the form of partition general lighting;

4, for a particular job scene requires high illumination, general lighting often can not meet the requirements, then you can target the space for localized lighting;

5, in any production workshop, should not only local lighting!

Factory lighting design standards
Second, the choice of factory lighting

Select stable, high-quality lamps and lanterns, is the implementation of an excellent factory lighting design program based. Therefore, for factory lighting design, the choice of lighting fixtures, is critical. Usually, factory lighting light sources are mainly metal halide lamps, induction lamps and LED lights, of course, LED lights is undoubtedly a better choice.

Factory lighting factors affecting the visual perception of the main illumination level, illumination distribution, color temperature, etc., of which, the illumination of the impact of work efficiency in the first place. The national standard for factory lighting in fact, there are clear provisions for the need to configure the local lighting of the work surface, local illumination to reach the corresponding space general illumination 1-3 times. Of course, for different industries, there are some industry lighting standards

recolux tells you how to make factory lighting design efficient.插图2

Factory lighting design

2, the choice of factory lighting fixtures, matters needing attention

a, safety, always be put in the first place to consider, no safety, no production;

b, in the explosive gas or dust in the factory workshop or warehouse space, should be selected with three-proof lamps, and its control switch should not be installed in the same place, if you have to install, be sure to use explosion-proof switch;

c. In wet indoor and outdoor places, closed lamps with crystallized water outlets or open lamps with waterproof ports should be used;

d. Floodlights should be used in burning hot and dusty places;

e, corrosive gases and particularly humid indoor, should be used sealed lamps and lanterns, and should be used to do anti-corrosion treatment of lamps and lanterns, its switch should also do special protection;

f, for external damage to the lamps and lanterns, should do special protection network or glass protection, for the vibration of frequent workplaces, should be equipped with anti-vibration class lamps and lanterns.

In summary, the factory lighting design, related to production efficiency, production quality and employee safety, which in turn affects the survival of enterprises. Therefore, as a business owner, must not be sloppy on the production of factory lighting. LED industrial lighting problems please consult recolux!

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