Seven details of linear lights without stepping on pits

Seven details of linear lights without stepping on pits缩略图

Power, The power of the linear light strip is 6 to 14 watts. You can choose according to your lighting scene habits. The living room is brighter, the aisle is moderate, and the bedroom is dark.

Seven details of linear lights without stepping on pits插图

Two colour temperatures The colour temperature of the light strip is 3000K-4000K. If you want a stronger sense of atmosphere, use 3000K; if you like brighter, choose 4000K.

Three-sided cover Currently, the market has two colours of linear lamp shades: white and black. They have different colours and different luminous rates. The brilliant rate of the linear lamp with the white cover reaches 80%, and the wall will be brighter, while the black body's luminous rate is about 40%. So use a white mask for the main lighting and a black cover for the atmosphere.

Front installation Many people like to install linear lights on the front and feel that the light source directly faces their eyes, which is dazzling. If you want to improve, you can replace the white mask with a black cover; the reason can refer to the third point, or replace the light strip with a lower wattage so it will not be so dazzling.

Seven details of linear lights without stepping on pits插图2

When the five-spot linear light is turned on, the light strip explodes, and there are apparent light spots. This problem usually occurs in the thin line light (usually, the height of the aluminium groove is less than 11mm, and the light bead density of the light strip is low - below 120 beads). The solution It's straightforward; after installing it directly with the cob light strip, the rich light will be even without spots, which is a perfect solution. 6. Dark area The multi-bead combined light strip is prone to such a dark area, and you can choose a single-bead light strip to solve this problem.

Seven slots because there are many types of linear lamps, and the sizes are also different. The safest slot size is to get the profile and then space.

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