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What are the advantages of LED lighting modules?

During the development of electric lamps for more than a hundred years, it has experienced three stages: incandescent, fluorescent and LED lamps. In recent years, with the continuous development of lighting technology, LED lights have gradually become the mainstream of the lighting industry.

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LED Wick Module

Firstly, LED wick module has high luminous efficiency, under the same lighting demand, LED lamps need lower wattage, more power saving.

Secondly, LED wick module has a long service life, no need to replace the light source of the ceiling light frequently.

The service life of LED wick module is up to 50,000-100,000 hours, much higher than 6,000 hours of fluorescent lamps. At the same time, even if the frequent switch will not affect the service life, if the fluorescent lamp frequent switch will have a great impact on the life.

Third, the LED wick module material environmental protection, does not contain mercury and other heavy metals.

LED wick module materials are mainly light-emitting components (semiconductors), packaging materials, aluminium substrate composition, and no heavy metals and other harmful substances. Fluorescent lamps, on the other hand, make use of low-pressure mercury vapour to release ultraviolet rays when energised, thus causing the phosphor to emit visible light, so there is a risk of heavy metal pollution.

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At the same time, the material of LED lamps can be recycled, which is more conducive to environmental protection.

Fourth, the LED wick module is stable and not easy to damage.

LED is completely encapsulated inside the epoxy resin, the structure is stable, the lamp body will not be loose, so it is not easy to damage in the process of transport and use. The main material of fluorescent lamps is glass coated with phosphor, which is extremely easy to damage.

Of course, LED wick module also has the characteristics of small size, high brightness, low heat, etc., so I won't go into details here.

LED wick module is also very easy to install, do not need an electrician and professional tools, you can complete the installation and replacement.

There are the following steps to install the LED wick module:

First, power off. It can be to turn off the lights, of course, it is best to turn off the electric switch.

Second, remove the lampshade. Usually the ceiling lamp lampshade is stuck with a snap, toggle the snap at the bottom of the lampshade to remove the lampshade.

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Third, remove the old lamp. Fluorescent tubes are usually fixed by screws, remove the screws to remove the tube. The wiring, rectifier, etc. need to be removed. Simply put, the entire panel need not be left except for the wires.

Fourth, install the new lamp. Dot Dot LED wick module adopts a magnetic fixing mode, which can be adsorbed by placing it directly. Wiring is also very simple, no need to distinguish between zero wire and fire wire. After installation, you can first power on to check whether it can light up normally.

Fifth, install the lampshade. Install the lampshade back to its original position and snap the clips back to it.

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