The LED light is broken, learn 3 repair steps to solve it easily

The LED light is broken, learn 3 repair steps to solve it easily缩略图

Nowadays, LED lights are used. Common problems are that the LED light burns out, and there are some problems with dim light or flickering. Therefore, after this problem occurs, many friends want to fix it by themselves. So how to repair the LED light after it breaks? This article will answer your LED light maintenance problems.

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How to repair the LED ceiling light at home if it is broken? Before giving you the repair solution, let me first introduce to you some common reasons for LED light damage at home. Because the causes of damage are different, the repair methods we can take in the future are also completely different. There are three common reasons why LED lights are damaged during home use.
1: The LED lamp bead is damaged. That is to say, the LED lamp in our home is broken, and then we find that most or all of the lamp beads do not light up. Problems like this are also a common problem of LED lamp beads being burned out. The way to judge this is very simple, that is, we remove the lampshade of the ceiling lamp and then observe the LED lamp beads. If you find that the lamp beads are black or have signs of being burned, it is judged that the LED lamp has been burned out.

2: Power conversion that causes damage to the LED light. Just like our LED lights have a power converter inside. Because the voltage at our home is 220V, during our use, we need to convert the voltage into the corresponding voltage, so there is generally a voltage converter inside the LED lamp. When we wire the wires, we first connect the wires at home to the voltage converter, and then to the lamp beads. This kind of voltage converter can be easily damaged if it is not of good quality.
3: The LED light is overall damaged. In other words, not only the lamp beads of our household LED lights are broken, but also the voltage converter is broken at the same time. In fact, this is a very common LED light damage. For this kind of problem, we can take a look. Will we find that our LED lights are all black? It means that the lamp burned out due to circuit problems.

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How to repair the ceiling lamp after it is damaged?
The above introduces you to several common specific causes of damage to household LED lights. We can take corresponding repair methods for different reasons. Therefore, when we find that the ceiling light in our home is damaged, I suggest that you follow the following solutions.
1: Remove the lampshade of the LED lamp. At this time, we can find a stool or a specially repaired ladder, and then go up and fold the lampshade to one side, so that the LED lampshade can be removed. Some other ones don’t need to be stuck, just move left and right to put down the LED lampshade. This will show all the positions of the lamp beads inside the LED lamp, making it easier for you to prepare for repairs.

2: LED lamp repair. There are three common solutions for repairing LED lamps, corresponding to different damage situations. We can first replace the power supply of an LED light driver. For the power adapter, we can buy the same type, then remove the left and right connected wires, then replace the driver, and then try to see if it can light up normally. The next step is to replace the lamp beads. When we find that the LED lamp bead is burned out, we can buy a lamp bead with a similar power. Like our common household LED lights, they are usually about 25w~35w. We can just replace the lamp beads. The replacement method is also very simple, just follow the original wiring to disassemble and then install. The last step is the overall replacement of the LED lights. The so-called overall replacement means that we need to remove all LED lights. At this time, you need to use a screwdriver to unscrew the bottom screw, and then loosen the ceiling lamp. Finally, we can remove the lamp. Of course, remove the wires from it. Then we can replace it with a new LED light.
3: Debugging and recovery. When we need to replace replacement parts, don't rush to install the lights at this time. We need to start and debug. After we send the power supply, we can use the switch to see whether it can light up normally. If it lights up normally, then this time it means my repair is complete. After that, we installed the lampshade on it.

So if we buy, try to buy something with guaranteed quality so that it can be used for a longer time. recolux is a quality-assured LED manufacturer!

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