What are the advantages of LED three-proof lights?

What are the advantages of LED three-proof lights?缩略图

What is LED tri-proof light? As the name suggests, LED tri-proof lamp refers to a kind of anti-corrosion, waterproof, anti-oxidation of a special lamp. Compared with ordinary lamps and lanterns, three-proof lamps on the circuit control board protection is more perfect, so that the lamps and lanterns become more long life. Some lamps and lanterns electrical sealing box generally exists a seal heat dissipation ability of weak defects, and LED three-proof lamps for this aspect of the improvement: the use of intelligent temperature-controlled three-proof lamps special circuit, reduce the power inverter operating temperature, the strong isolation of the protection road, double insulation of the plug, to ensure that the line is safe and reliable.

What are the advantages of LED three-proof lights?插图

What are the advantages of LED three-proof lights?

First, LED environmental protection: LED spectrum in the absence of ultraviolet and infrared, low heat and no flicker, no flicker can protect eyesight, and the waste can be recycled, there is no pollution does not contain mercury and other harmful elements, can be safe to touch, the real green lighting light source.
Second, LED triple-proof lights use a very long life, usually the LED light source is called a long-life lamp. There will be no loose parts of the lamp body, so there is no filament light-emitting heat easy to burn the phenomenon, so the service life of the LED triple-proof lights can reach 50,000 to 100,000 hours, longer than the traditional light source life of more than ten times, greatly reducing the cost of replacement and maintenance.
Third, the LED lamp is very energy-saving, it belongs to the DC drive, power consumption is very low, in the same lighting effect, LED lamps than the traditional light source energy-saving at least eighty per cent or more.

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