What is the difference between LED strips and light strips?

What is the difference between LED strips and light strips?缩略图

LED strips and light strips are both flexible solutions for creative lighting needs. However, there are some differences between the two. LED rope lighting comprises individual LED bulbs encased in a clear plastic tube. These may come in different colours, but you can’t change the colour of the bulbs. On the other hand, LED strip lights comprise surface-mounted LED chips affixed to a flat piece of tape. They do come with color-changing options, as well as a variety of single colors.

What is the difference between LED strips and light strips?插图

LED strip lights are better suited to rounded corners than to square ones. It can’t bend very well around corners, and if you want a tight fit, rope lights may be your best choice.

The brightness of your LED lights is essential when choosing between rope lighting and strip lights. If you’re lighting a workspace or someplace that requires bright light, you’ll want to go with tape lights. They produce a bright light and can be dimmed as the occasion demands. LED rope lighting is much dimmer. It’s an excellent choice for mood lighting or soft illumination around a pool deck, outdoor gazebo, or similar.

The length you’ll need to run LEDs for your project will also affect your decision between rope and strip lights. In part, this will depend on your lights’ voltage. Generally, LED rope and strip lights come in either 12V or 120V. The maximum run length on lights refers to the total size of light you can plug into a single energy source before you start flipping breakers. If you’re using 12V LED strip lights, the maximum run length will be 20 feet. If you’re using 120V rope lights, you won’t want to go more than 150 feet on a single power source.

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