Why do many industrial places need to use tri-proof lights?

Why do many industrial places need to use tri-proof lights?缩略图

Industrial sites because of the harsh environment, the requirements of the lamps and lanterns are also higher. Traditional lamps and lanterns are often prone to moisture, easy to explode and other problems, and three-proof lamps as a special lamps and lanterns, can be used in a more hostile environment, and has a waterproof, dustproof and explosion-proof features. In industrial places, safety is crucial. And the use of three-proof lights can effectively improve safety and productivity, today recolux to introduce how to use three-proof lights in industrial places.

Why do many industrial places need to use tri-proof lights?插图

First of all, the waterproof function is a big feature of the three-proof lamp. In many industrial places, such as factories, warehouses, car parks, etc., often need to face the humid environment caused by water vapour, tiny raindrops and so on. And the traditional lamps in the humid environment is easy to moisture, which leads to lamp damage or short-circuit and other problems. The three-proof lamp adopts a special waterproof design, which can not only effectively prevent moisture penetration, but also ensure the normal service life of the lamps and lanterns.

Secondly, dustproof function is also a major advantage of the three-proof lamp. Industrial places often exist a large amount of dust, particles, etc., traditional lamps and lanterns are easy to accumulate dust, blockage, which affects the luminous effect of the lamps and lanterns and normal service life. The three-proof lamp with dustproof design, effectively reducing the possibility of accumulation of dust, can maintain the brightness of the lamps and lanterns and the use of effect.

Why do many industrial places need to use tri-proof lights?插图2

Finally, the explosion-proof function makes the three-proof lamp widely used in industrial environments with flammable and explosive conditions. In many industrial places, such as chemical plants, oil depots, etc., there is a danger of explosion, so the use of explosion-proof lamps and lanterns is required. The traditional lamps and lanterns are susceptible to fire and other accidents due to the influence of sparks, static electricity and other factors. Three-proof lamps with special explosion-proof design can effectively avoid the danger caused by sparks and ensure the safe production in industrial places.

To sum up, the application of three-proof lamps in industrial places has great advantages, which can improve safety and productivity. Through the waterproof, dustproof and explosion-proof functions, the three-proof lamps can work normally in harsh environments and achieve long-lasting use. Therefore, when choosing lamps and lanterns for industrial places, we should give priority to three-proof lamps and lanterns to ensure safe production.

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