Why does the brightness of LED linear lights decrease during use?

Why does the brightness of LED linear lights decrease during use?缩略图

With the accumulation of use time and the erosion of the sun and rain, the outdoor LED line lights will feel that the LED line lights are not as bright as before. This is a technical term in the lighting industry - light attenuation. The physical phenomenon of light decay is an inevitable problem for LED lights. Like life, lamps also have a service life.

Why does the brightness of LED linear lights decrease during use?插图

In the outdoor environment, sunlight, strong wind, rain, etc. are all unavoidable factors that lead to the reduction of the brightness of LED line lights. In addition to the unavoidable conditional factors, there are also human factors. Typically, LEDs have a lifespan of approximately 50,000 hours. From the perspective of the average person's mind, life has a total of 50,000 hours. If the lights are turned on from 6:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m., it is only turned on for 6 hours a year. 365 days, only 2190 hours a year, this is not a time that can be used for 23 years.
However, this is only theoretical data in the laboratory. In actual use, the service life of LED linear lights cannot be calculated by mathematical multiplication and division. Misuse can also speed up the light decay time. Additionally, during installation, installers often want to save installation time and simplify the installation process. Several LED linear lights known to the manufacturer were not installed when powered on.
Behaviors such as voltage and current instability seriously damage the life of the LED linear light. According to market feedback, the service life of general outdoor LED linear lights is 2-3 years, and some can reach 5 or 6 years, but the longer the time, the lower the brightness of LED linear lights.
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